Tuesdays at Toscana Divino
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Location Toscana Divino / Miami / USA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to 10 guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


Tuesdays at Toscana Divino
Miami, FL

Our Brickell restaurant is beautifully appointed with the finest nouveau modern Italian decor and encircles our one-of-a-kind glass wine cellar. Every table is set with the finest tableware available because we are lovers of the aesthetics of fine details.

We know, however, that an event is about so much more than the venue that sets the stage. It's about every touch point for host and guests, from the first encounter with our in-house event manager to the polished, professional, warm and friendly service the Toscana team is known for.

Tantamount, of course, to any event experience is food and our Executive Chef Andrea Marchesin orchestrates our open kitchen with the skill of a master conductor.

All of these elements comprise the true Italian experience, the hospitality that makes Italy the world's most desirable destination and what our team consistently delivers with effortless grace. Our bent towards perfectionism has not gone unnoticed. It resulted in our being awarded the esteemed Marchio Ospitalità Italiana, the highest mark of Italian authenticity available in the U.S.


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