Art With Me Miami 2022
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Location Virginia Key Beach / Key Biscayne / USA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


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The Multi-Disciplinary International Arts and Culture Festival enters its fourth consecutive year and promises to be more awe-inspiring than ever. This year will be composed of “six-pillars” that include; Wellness Programs & Workshops, Local and International Gastronomic Gatherings, Lively Musical Performances, Highly Anticipated Visual Art Installations, Children’s Programs & Ecological Awareness Practices, Renowned Photographers & Interactive Exhibitions, Thought-Provoking Panels and Discussions and much more.

In a world where we emphasize productivity over health, global communication over personal connection & glamor over beauty- “Art with Me”- is an authentic breath of fresh air revitalizing the connection between people, nature & the ‘interconnectivity of all things.’

Escape the Mundane and Immerse yourself in the Inspirational Universe of Art with Me in Miami, Florida this Nov. 26th-27th, 2022 — JOIN US AND EXPLORE OUR SIX CORE PILLARS

Art With Me

Art is the central theme at Art With Me and eloquently ties together all the other pillars within the event. Featuring a huge array of visual artists who will build jaw-dropping installations that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding areas.

Dance With Me

As sure as our hearts beat – our lives are intrinsically connected to music, dance and expression. Music is the Great Harmonizer and has always been a catalyst for change around the world.

Dance With Me celebrates this fact and brings together artists, fans and music professionals for a unique celebration and exploration of music.

Dance With Me focuses on no specific genre in the hopes of exposing people to different cultures, sounds and movements.

Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me exists as a reminder to take time and appreciate the good in your life. To reconnect with a Grateful Heart, an Enriched Spirit, and a Peaceful Mind.

At Breathe With Me, experience a wide array of wellness activities and interactive events; these activities take on an elevated near spiritual experience that has beneficially transformed many who have participated in the past.

Art With Me aims to remind people that they are both the Art and the Artist. That the Greatest Masterpiece of all time – is a Life Lived to the Fullest; and that one of the most significant acts of self-liberation can be gained by simply slowing down – and learning how to breathe again.

Eat With Me

Exposure to new tastes and semlls has the abaility to transport us to parts of the world we've never been. a shared meal can connect people who may otherwise not be able to find common ground. Food is possibly the most accessible form of creativity.

Within our Culinary Experiences you will also embark on an rich, and flavourful immersive journey of exotic drinks and edible delights allowing you to experience art on a culinary level.

Play With Me

“Investing fully in children today will ensure the well-being and productivity of future generations for decades to come.”

At Art with Me, we echo the sentiments of Carol Bellamy and place significant importance on inspiring future generations to exceed our own limitations and shortcomings.

Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”. AWM believes that providing children the opportunity to engage with art in a meaningful and immersive manner is the act of preserving the artist in each one of us.

With a creative challenge to overcome daily & skilled instructors cultivating their performance skills – Play with Me promises to give you and your children an experience that will have a positive impact throughout the rest of their lives.

Care With Me

Anybody that spends enough time in nature quickly realizes that we live in a marvelous and truly inspiring place. While our planet is far more resilient than we could ever know, the “single-use culture” has ramped up to a point of alarming proportions causing myriad of serious ecological problems.

One of the principle motivations behind creating Art With Me was precisely to promote regenerative living practices and to show deep care for our environment through our actions.

Join us this year for another collective push to give back to the planet that has given us so much already. It is our duty to spark regenerative actions by showing the community revolutionary technologies that work, providing education and experiences, and creating a strong community collaboration model so we move forward with CARE into the future.


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